Thank you for your interest in the Youth Hoops concept. As founder, I share in your excitement of using basketball instruction as a vehicle to touch our youth, on and off the court. Youth Hoops is a mobile, fundamentals-based, basketball training academy concept that encourages kids to work their craft, but more importantly, to be great human beings.

Youth Hoops offers five flagship basketball camps: ball handling, shooting, offensive moves, defense and inside play/rebounding. Each camp consists of coach talk, warm-up, multiple skill development stations, offensive/defensive concepts, and controlled scrimmaging. We aim to provide a fun, safe, and instructive environment for kids. We do this with low, coach-to-camper ratios and certified coaches.

It is our goal to provide support and services to you with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Youth Hoops takes relationships we form with our franchisees very seriously; it is the foundation of our success. Comprehensive training and ongoing support will keep you and your staff knowledgeable and competitive at start-up and beyond.

We are here to teach and encourage you as you create a wonderful opportunity for yourself. You can experience the same excitement and fulfillment we have when you become part of our Youth Hoops family! Join us in changing our youth for the better.

John Berry
President & CEO


Our Mission:
Youth Hoops is a mobile, fundamentals-based, basketball training academy concept that believes teaching kids how to play the “right way” is important, but more importantly, it’s critical to be a great person!

Youth Hoops want to be that pillar in the community, where our youth gets expert, fundamentals-based basketball instruction and valuable life lessons. In addition, we also want to serve the purpose of offering our franchisees a business model, where there’s flexibility, freedom, and independence.

About Our Locations:
Youth Hoops locations range from rented school gymnasiums, recreational centers, churches, and playgrounds. These (local) locations are known within the community, as they are oftentimes used for recreational games.

As a Youth Hoops franchisee, these locations nullify the need to build out a facility or get into a long-term lease agreement thus saving you money. This makes it less expensive to get going. And ultimately, makes the Youth Hoops concept truly mobile.

The Youth Hoops concept has proven effective all over the world, including North Carolina, West Virginia, Minnesota, Texas and overseas (in China and Dubai).

Untapped Market / The Industry:
Youth Hoops is part of the Sports and Recreation Instruction industry. This global market generated $14.9 billion in revenues from 2018 – 2023. It is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% from 2022 to 2031.

The Sports and Recreation Instruction industry is expected to reach $18.85 billion in 2031. North America being the highest revenue contributor and is estimated to reach $5.67 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of 4.2%.

In fact, market analysis statistics instill confidence in those starting a Sports and Recreation Instruction business. In the next several years, as demand grows for specialized sports training, there will be needs for sport instruction businesses. Now more than ever, the time to open a Sports and Recreation Instruction business makes sense, especially now that transforming demographics support the growth and success of every business.


We refer to our process as a “matching process” because both parties need to get to know one another over a period of time in order to decide if there’s a “match”. The EggBred business model is a fun and exciting opportunity, but it’s not right for everyone nor is everyone right for it. Our 7-step matching process is key for a successful, long-term partnership.


After you have filled out the Let’s Get Acquainted form, we will schedule an initial phone call. Based on our conversation – we will determine if we should continue the conversation, where we will provide you with additional information on the concept, business operations, locations, demographics, and start-up costs.


Following receipt of your in-depth Request for Consideration AND preliminary approval, we will schedule a concept compatibility call.


The Concept Compatibility call will begin with a courtesy invitation for your spouse or supportive decision-maker. During this 30-45 minute call, we will focus on Youth Hoops core values and vision. Based on our conversation – we will mutually determine if our core values align.


During this 30-45 minute teleconference call, our team will collaborate to deliver a complete overview of all marketing, training and support programs. Depending on the level of business expertise, some candidates will be scheduled to attend a start-up workshop conference call.


This 30-45 minute teleconference call is an opportunity for you to discuss the start-up process and how to open safely and creatively under budget.

In this workshop, our CEO will guide candidates through the initial franchise fee and other startup costs.


After completing the “Mutual Expectation” call and “Start-Up Workshop” call, our candidate will be invited to attend a regional certified Discovery Day.


Youth Hoops has a very comprehensive and integrated marketing strategy, which includes the following:

-Google AdWords
-Social media marketing
-Grade school-specific marketing
-Email marketing
-Yard signs
-Bulletin boards
-Direct postal mail
-Car magnets

As a new franchisee, you will instantly plug into these tried-and-proven marketing strategies. Not only will you be given the blueprint, but Youth Hoops corporate will personally implement marketing initiatives to support franchisees.

Youth Hoops views marketing as a critical component to franchisee success and will do everything possible to ensure their success.


The Perfect Business:
Out of 10 owners, we expect four will be husband and wife management teams, three will be manage-the-manager, and three will be owner operated by individuals who have a passion for teaching youth basketball and truly making a difference on and off the court.

Owner Operator:
This individual has unique and personal interests, with a real passion for work and providing positive experiences for others. This individual is dedicated to the overall well-being of our youth, on and off the basketball court. They have the desire to work closely with basketball campers, parents, and staff throughout life of business. A salary, commission, or bonus position can be enjoyed by this owner. He/she may also employ staff member(s) to manage the business. This provides flexibility to come and go when desired, or as schedule permits.

This individual prefers to manage the business, NOT operate the business. This managing process is defined by having an office, creating a flexible schedule for themselves. In addition, this individual can utilize his/her sales & marketing, operations, and administrative experience. This individual will often recruit a spouse, partner, family member or, in many cases, prefer the traditional methods of assembling a team to grow the business. This form of ownership yields a strategic opportunity to manage multiple units.

Husband/Wife Management:
The husband/wife teams use complementary skills and share in the division of labor. Generally, one spouse will enjoy sales & marketing, delivery of basketball camps, and “front-of-house” responsibilities. The other spouse will enjoy other “day-to-day” duties such as operations, finance, accounting, registrations, class management, etc. Both partners, collectively, will represent a unified management.

Multi-unit Operator:
This type of operator may own and operate several businesses, as they may be looking to diversify and complement their portfolio. They are very well-seasoned basketball camp directors and understand what it takes to be successful in business. Like the “Manage-the-Manager”, this individual prefers to manage the business, NOT operate the business on a local level.

Unique Investment Parameters:
Youth Hoops offers exciting investment parameters that virtually no other basketball training academy can offer:

-Low initial investment
-Limited hours
-Limited employees
-Flexible ownership
-Simple operations
-Year-round seasonality
-Multi-unit opportunities
-Minimal inventory


How long does it take for you to receive preliminary approval?

Upon receipt of your Request for Consideration, our executive team will review for any questions or comments regarding your background and local market.

What are the typical costs of opening a Youth Hoops location?

Including the initial fee of $37,500, your total investment can range from $73,650 to $120,700*, providing you negotiate within the startup recommendations.

Youth Hoops offers an area development program, with the initial franchise fee for the first location at $37,500, the fee for two locations at $57,500 and fee for three locations at $67,500. Each location after the third is priced at $22,500.

The total maximum number of Youth Hoops locations permitted under Area Development Agreement is negotiated and dependent upon the territory requested.

Does Youth Hoops provide financing?

Youth Hoops has approved third-party strategic partners that will provide a full range of financial products, including but not limited to: SBA and Conventional Loans, 401K Rollover, and Working Capital.

Are there any specific demographics to start a Youth Hoops franchise?

The Youth Hoops concept works great in communities, where families (with kids) are present in grades schools (elementary, middle & high schools). These communities may be found in the rural, medium, metro, and major-metro markets. We appeal to a broad demographic, including white and blue collar.

What type of initial training will be provided to franchisees?

Our franchisees will attend and complete our Franchisee Certification Training at Youth Hoops headquarters. The time-period will vary based on the most current and evolving training itinerary to maximize the understanding and management of our business model.

Does Youth Hoops provide Grand Opening training?

We will provide Grand Opening and on-site training to you and your initial training staff. This training will include the technical aspect of operating your Youth Hoops franchise, including but not limited to operations, procedures, inventory, grand opening and service delivery.

Will I need to quit my career?

Absolutely not! Our core values are that our partners are enjoying the balance of spending time with family and children throughout the week. Franchisees have flexibility to be Owner Operators, Manage-the-Manager, or Husband/Wife teams sharing day-to-day management duties

What makes Youth Hoops a special investment?

Our secret sauce to Youth Hoops is a personal lifestyle investment that offers our franchisees the opportunity to be in the Sports and Recreation industry with three dominating characteristics: affordable startup costs, its limited hours, and its special niche in the youth basketball camp category.

Do I need prior experience in the Sports and Recreation industry?

Absolutely not! If you’re gainfully employed, our business model has been designed to supplement, transition, replace, or completely break away. Our Owner Operators and Husband/Wife teams will enjoy paying themselves for the hours and/or a salary that they would otherwise be paying their part or full-time staff. This increases our owner’s discretionary cash flow from business.

Lets get acquainted 


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