About Us

Having excellent basketball fundamentals are critical to a player’s success. Basketball fundamentals are core building blocks needed to maximize potential. Unfortunately, emphasis on having and learning basketball fundamentals has been neglected. Youth Hoops was born to address this problem.

Youth Hoops has developed a skills development course curriculum, focused on basketball fundamentals. Within this curriculum, each course focuses on a given fundamental: dribbling, passing, shooting, one-on-one defense, footwork, screening and rebounding. Although, focus may be on a specific fundamental during a given course, all fundamentals are drilled to ensure understanding.

Courses are delivered once per week, over a two month period. Once course has been completed, the next course is started, and so on. This process will continue until all courses in curriculum are delivered. When player completes all courses within curriculum, their execution of basketball fundamentals would have “GREATLY” improved!

With over 15 years of youth basketball instruction and coaching experience, Youth Hoops prides itself in really being able to teach kids. Our drills are fun, extremely effective and easy to perform! The coaches have a passion for teaching and “not-just-throwing-a-ball-up-and-letting-the-kids-play”. There is nothing better than seeing a kid having fun and learning … a wonderful feeling!

If Youth Hoops Basketball Camps sounds like something your kid may enjoy, register into basketball camp or contact us (to request demo class).

Coach Berry