Hoops4Kids, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization (EIN Number: 83-3613652) in mission to provide coaching, mentoring, and self-improvement programs to low-income and underserved students by hosting basketball camps to empower children to discover their potential and achieve personal success.

Currently, Hoops4Kids, Inc. is seeking partners to assist in providing equitable opportunities for disenfranchised children to participate in these camps.

The birth of Hoops4Kids, Inc. began back in 2007, when CEO, John Berry established Youth Hoops Basketball Camps (YHBC) to provide basketball instruction and mentoring for children, ages 6 to 14. Since its inception, YHBC has provided the following benefits:

  • Counsel, mentorship, and guidance to over 10,000 kids throughout central North Carolina metropolitan areas by delivering outstanding basketball camp experiences.
  • Created a business model with a social mission that can be replicated anywhere that provides an opportunity to those who want to encourage youth and foster a new generation of successful and emotionally healthy citizens.

To date, Coach Berry has employed ten active coaches to support both YHBC and Hoops4Kids, Inc. activities. This has allowed the organization to expand its programming to serve a larger area of North Carolina, including Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Pittsboro, Durham, Greensboro, Carrboro, Apex, and Burlington.

If you would like your kid to apply for a Hoops 4 Kids scholarship, please fill out the short form below. I look forward to continued empowerment of our youth!

Coach Berry
Hoops 4 Kids, Inc.

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